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We understand that starting Martial Arts can be challenging and if you are new to this,
you probably have lots of questions.

Below we cover some of the many benefits you will gain when you start training BJJ.

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You will be comfortable with the uncomfortable

As you advance in your Jiu Jitsu journey you will notice it is not uncommon to experience feelings of pressure and frustration, however, it is how we deal with these feelings that will make us stronger, more developed fighters.

Our coaches create a safe learning environment to guide our students through these feelings, teaching them to remain resilient and persevere through the challenge.

The idea is to learn to remain calm in a pressure situation and work hard to gain a position they want to be in. 

These are lessons learned on the mat which can be carried over into everyday life

You will make new friends and be part of a community

Every member respects, embraces, and encourages all other members of the academy.

Whether you are completely new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or are coming from another gym, you will be welcomed as one of our own.

Over our existence we have developed a very safe, positive, team-based environment.
This helps every member of Gracie Barra Dubai succeed in achieving their goals! 

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You will feel safe

As a non-violent martial art, students can head into each class knowing their safety is of the most importance.

We begin each class with warm-up drills and stretches so our students are ready to hit the mat and learn technique principles from our instructors.

While training, we treat our training partner's safety as if it’s our own, giving us the ability to train hard without the fear of being hurt.

You will get fit and improve your health

There is no doubt about that!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps build functional body strength, grip strength, an improved cardiovascular system without you even realizing!
Before you even know it, you will be improving your physical health and training capacity helping you become better on the mat and in everyday life. 

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also incredibly beneficial for mental strength and fitness. It is no secret Jiu Jitsu is a challenging martial art… in the best way possible!
You will be faced with obstacles, however, how you overcome those obstacles is when you develop your mental strength, resilience, and persistence.
It is a perfect sport for stress relief and overall mental outlet.
Over time, you will notice the principles learned through training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu become evident in everyday life, such as better handling stress and your daily emotions.

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You will learn
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Most importantly, you will learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the fastest growing martial art in the UAE and arguably in the world.

You will learn with professors that have been training BJJ for many years, and you will love it!

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